Iranian currency sitting on a table, showing the money of Iran in both change and large bills. The Ayatollah - the supreme leader of Iran - appears prominently on the 100 rial note. There is also a mobile phone with stock market or forecasting charts.


We offer expert consulting services for international businesses, newspapers, NGOs & think tanks.

The outside of the Bank Melli Iran building features the name of the bank in Farsi letters on one side and in English for international audiences on the other above a soaring arch reminiscent of a Middle Eastern mosque.


Our consulting portfolio includes examples of our analysis of the Middle East & Central/West Asia.

Traffic in Tehran, Iran looks like a dozen lanes each way across a soaring bridge and tunnel system, with motorcyles, international tourists, businessmen, autobuses, and even pedestrians. The image is framed against a mountainous backdrop  found in these areas of the Middle East and Central / West Asia.


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Steven Terner, LLC offers consulting and business intelligence services specializing in socio-political and economic analysis of the Middle East and Central Asia.

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